Instagram pivots away from social commerce to sharpen its focus on advertising

A sharper focus: The pivot comes amid a challenging time for Meta, as the company faces an economic slowdown that has significantly deterred advertising spending, Apple’s ATT changes that have hindered its ad targeting capabilities, and TikTok‘s growing strength as a competing marketing channel. After a challenging quarterthe company aims to get back to its … Read more

Political campaigns embrace streaming for midterm ads

The week after Labor Day traditionally marks the beginning of the fall election season, with campaigns rushing to get their message on the airwaves before the November midterms. And this time around, cord cutters won’t be spared from the ad onslaught. Campaigns from both sides of the aisle are expected to spend $1.2 billion on … Read more

Straight-to-Streaming Films Are Having A Moment. That’s A Win For Advertisers

By AdExchanger Guest Columnist Thursday, September 8th, 2022 – 12:35 am “On TV & Video” is a column exploring opportunities and challenges in advanced TV and video. Today’s column is by Samba TV CEO and Co-Founder Ashwin Navin. When the pandemic shuttered movie theaters across the country, Warner Brothers irritated filmmakers by pushing its blockbuster … Read more

Ad insertions surge by threefold on digital advertising during Jan-Jun’22: TAM Report

According to TAM AdEx Report on Digital advertising for Jan-Jun’22, ad insertions surged by 109 pc compared to Jan-Jun’21 and witness more than Threefold growth over Jan-Jun’20. Among the Leading Sectors during Jan-Jun’22, Services topped the list by 46 pc share of Ad Insertions followed by Education with 13 pc share. Top two sectors together … Read more

Report warns of ‘systematic misalignment’ between oil giants’ green advertising and spending plans

Fossil fuel giants have announced record profit margins that dwarf spending plans on net-zero The new InfluenceMap study was published on Thursday (8 September) and outlines the green spending data on the world’s largest fossil fuel firms – namely BP, Shell, Chevron, ExxonMobil, and TotalEnergies. The report analyzes 3,421 pieces of evidence of public communication … Read more

Cheers!… to advertising alcohol…socially responsibly

The Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA) Alcohol Advertising and Promotion Code (Code) has been in play for just over a year now and social responsibility is top of the list of concerns with alcohol advertisements. Code Application The Code forms part of the ASA’s self-regulatory framework and sits alongside legislation that applies to the advertisement of … Read more

BWS and Dan Murphy’s reveal advertising arm

Another major Australia retailer, retail drinks business Endeavor Group, has launched its own media arm, joining Woolworths and Coles in selling advertising to suppliers. The company today launched MixIn by Endeavor, offering suppliers the opportunity to promote products through its stores, hotels network and digital assets. “We offer Australia’s largest connected drinks ecosystem, which means … Read more

Pre-Covid levels: Will in-cinema advertising make the big comeback this year?

After two years of subdued growth due to Covid-19, the cinema business is now returning to normalcy. The bounce back of the film industry has also given hopes of in-cinema advertising putting up a good show. But will the sector reach the pre-Covid revenue levels this year is a question that remains to be answered. … Read more