FaZe Clan and Respawn Team Up For New Gaming Chair Branding


Respawn announced this morning they have formed a new partnership with esports organization FaZe Clan for two new branded gaming chairs. The company has released a new look for the Respawn 110 and the Respawn Flexx, both of which have been branded with FaZe’s logo and designs meant to invoke gamer vibes and decor while looking cool in whatever setup you have. You can check out more about both chairs below, along with a couple of quotes from both parties, as they are available for purchase now.

Credit: Respawn

Respawn 110 FaZe Clan Edition

A fueled-up fan favorite and the standard for gaming chairs, the RESPAWN 110 FaZe Clan Edition provides comfort, stability, and distinctive style during high-stakes gaming. The contoured, racing-style back dressed with distinctive red FaZe Clan icons and stitching against the sleek black faux leather seat energizes any setup or space. The padded seat cushion, along with integrated lumbar and headrest, height-adjustable arms, and tilt tension knob enables you to feel fully supported and in control at all times. Customize your preferred recline position, up to 135 degrees, for proper back alignment and comfort.

Respawn Flexx FaZe Clan Edition

This coveted ergonomic gaming chair provides breathable full-mesh performance and support throughout intense gaming sessions, decreasing gaming fatigue and increasing performance. The 2x stronger mesh, which is designed and tested for durability, shows off the vivid red Faze Clan icon pattern.

FaZe Clan and Respawn Team Up For New Gaming Chair Branding
Credit: Respawn

“To be the best in the game, you gotta grind for hours. With my Respawn chair, I’m able to put in the work all day while feeling comfortable the whole time,” said FaZe Clan Professional Halo player, Michael “Falcated” Garcia.

“It was critical for this collaboration to be a natural convergence of our brand strengths,” said Peter Scheidler, Respawn VP of Product & Merchandising. “We combined our 75 years of expertise in ergonomic seating design and a passion for all things gaming with FaZe Clan’s smart and subtle approach to their brand identity to do something we’ve never done before. The genius in this design is in the printed pattern work. We had to overlay the graphics on the mesh backing so that the icon colors popped while ensuring longevity of the intricate, fine-line artwork – not an easy task and quite unique in the office and gaming chair world. tens of thousands of durability cycle tests to better ensure a top-notch, built-to-last design.

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