Mike Gesicki branded an ’embarrassment’ for TD celebration

Miami Dolphins tight end Mike Gesicki has been slammed for his celebration after scoring a touchdown against the Baltimore Ravens.

The Miami Dolphins were looking to continue their strong start to the season after picking up a win against the New England Patriots in Week 1, but they didn’t have a lot of luck against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 2 as they were behind right from the opening kickoff and had to claw their way back throughout the game.

One of those moments came from Mike Gesicki, the tight end who has had something of an odd time with the Dolphins in recent years.

Having been taken by the Dolphins in the 2nd round of the 2018 Draft, Gesicki was slow to emerge in the team’s offense, only picking up 202 yards in his debut season, but slowly but surely he’s been trusted more and more as he set a personal best of 73 receptions last year, beating out his previous best of 53, whilst putting up 780 yards.

That included his performance in the London game against the Jacksonville Jaguars where he led all players in receiving yards with 115 off the back of eight catches.

After making those leaps forward, he was looking to carry that on in 2022, but didn’t have the greatest start in Week 1 against the New England Patriots as he was only able to have one catch all afternoon, although that was for a one -yard touchdown, so at least he was efficient.

And after scoring a touchdown in the 3rd quarter and despite being down by 21 at the time he scored, Mike Gesicki decided to celebrate with ‘The Griddy’, a dance move that has become popular in recent years, and it generated a lot of interest from people online.

Video: Mike Gesicki scores a touchdown for the Miami Dolphins:

There were a couple of ways that people online took it, but one of the prominent responses seemed to be that people were up in arms at the idea of ​​him celebrating given how far behind the Dolphins were:

Mike Gesicki tweets 2

A sentiment that you can kind of understand, you can do it when you’re up, but when you’re down by that much, it might not be the best idea, otherwise you open yourself up to criticism like what you’ve seen above.

Luckily the Dolphins managed to come back and win the game after a late touchdown, but he might not be so lucky in the future.

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