Fansfrenzy : Update on Anishinaabe Protector Foundation’s Private Placement Agreement.

Update on Anishinaabe Protector Foundation’s Private Placement Agreement.Press Release | 07/06/2022

Will Become a Shareholder and Partner of FansFrenzy Corporation (OTC:FFZY) in Future Projects.

Las Vegas, NV, July 6, 2022. FansFrenzy Corporation (the “Company”)OTC: FFZY) is pleased to announceAnishinaabe Protector Foundations investment of six million two hundred and fifty US dollars ($6,250,000) will consist of the following:

Two million dollars ($2,000,000) will result in the issuance of eight million (8,000,000) common shares, and eight million (8,000,000) warrants convertible into common shares at the price of sixty cents ($0.60) per share. The warrants will have a conversion rate of one warrant to one common share.

FansFrenzy will create and issue a special class of non-voting Convertible Preferred Series B shares for the balance of four million two hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($4,250,000). Anishinaabe Protector Foundation therefore becomes a shareholder and partner in our future projects.

About Anishinaabe Protector Foundation

Anishinaabe Protector Foundation is a private Foundation located in NY State. Mission and goals are oriented in the management of assets and investments to improve the well-being of native people and the environment. Accordingly, its activities are oriented through the acquisition of lands and investments compatible with the main mission.

Contact information:

Christian-Joseph Turcotte, Vice President

About FansFrenzy Corporation

FansFrenzy (OTC: FFZY)) is a company that leverages its position as a publicly traded corporation to acquire and hold undervalued assets as well as to participate and develop those assets and operating businesses. The Company relies on a deep bench of corporate and financial expertise to bring out the intrinsic value. The Company is pursuing a strategy of acquisition of undervalued assets with new business partners. Our current focus is in natural resources and in the province of British Columbia, Canada. This development is the result of a strategic analysis in which the Company concluded that greater shareholder value can be achieved. FansFrenzy Corporation will also continue to pursue the development of its existing IT assets through partners.

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FansFrenzy Corporation

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