Where to find farmers markets in the Austin, Central Texas area

We can all agree that browsing fresh fruits and vegetables is downright romantic, right? There’s just something about floating through a farmers market on a nice day. That’s probably why they’re featured in rom-coms all the time.

Whether you are trying to live out your movie character dreams, you want to support your local farming community, or you just want to make fresh produce part of your personality, here is the list for you.

We’ve rounded up farmers markets in the Austin area for you to shop at this season. Check websites for the most updated schedule and location information.

Most farmers markets in the Austin area update their offerings weekly, depending on what vendors or farms are producing.

Boggy Creek Farm

Open 8 am to 1 pm Wednesday-Saturday at 3414 Lyons Road.

Boggy Creek Farm touts itself as Austin’s oldest urban farm. Need proof that it’s old? Spend some time perusing the farm’s website and you’ll learn that Sam Houston dined there at a wedding in 1841. The produce at the market is grown onsite. Offerings can change and are listed on the farm’s website weekly. More information: boggycreekfarm.com.

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