Sparo Announces Partnership with AllPeople Marketplace to Democratize Charitable Giving

A Sparo survey found that 43% of Americans say corporate giving is performative and episode-driven rather than authentic and impactful*

POTOMAC, Md., July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sparo, a Microsoft for Startups Company committed to revolutionizing corporate social responsibility for retailers and online merchants, announced today a long-term strategic partnership with AllPeople Marketplace, an online marketplace dedicated to creating a positive impact for every purchase on its website.


US retail e-commerce revenues are expected to grow from $875.2 billion in 2022 to $1.329 trillion in 2025. With this massive rise in revenue projections and as shoppers, particularly Millennials and Gen Z, demand companies engage in significant ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility practices, Sparo and AllPeople Marketplace will embark on a strategic partnership to explore opportunities to leverage Sparo’s “Purchase” with a Purpose” services.

“We are delighted to partner with Sparo to allow our customers to choose a charity of their choice at checkout,” said Bill Wallrab, CEO of AllPeople Marketplace. “We believe incremental, sincere and concentrated action, if taken by enough good people, will generate the momentum required to solve some of the most pressing issues of our time.”

Sparo’s services are powered by a plugin that seamlessly integrates into all e-commerce platforms, allowing online shoppers to designate a percentage of their purchase to a charity of their choice at checkout. AllPeople Marketplace is already partnering with top-tier nonprofit organizations to donate 5% of its sales to a charity of its shoppers’ choosing.

“We are honored to partner with AllPeople Marketplace to provide sustainable social impact in a rewarding, transparent, and accountable manner, which will allow shoppers to make a difference with each and every purchase,” said Rob Sobhani, CEO and Founder of Sparo. “At Sparo, we are working toward a bold vision of ensuring that corporations and retailers have the tools readily available to make a difference and support their shoppers’ causes, and we are thrilled to bring this vision to life with the AllPeople Marketplace.”

“We are pleased to see Sparo work with AllPeople Marketplace to help democratize the gift of giving by creating an impact with each purchase,” said Shish Shridhar, Global Retail Lead at Microsoft. “By democratizing charitable giving, Sparo’s technology allows smaller charities and causes worldwide the opportunity to receive support from today’s socially-conscious consumers, leveling the playing field in the social sector against larger, more well-known charities.”

The news of this partnership with AllPeople Marketplace follows the launch of Sparo’s first-ever crowdfunding campaign on investment platform StartEngine. To learn more and get involved in Sparo’s crowdfunding campaign with StartEngine, please visit here

To learn more about Sparo’s offerings, visit

About Sparo Corporation

Sparo is a Microsoft for Startups Company founded by scholar entrepreneur Rob Sobhani to democratize global charitable giving. Sparo’s services are powered by a plugin that seamlessly integrates into all e-commerce platforms, allowing online shoppers the option to designate a percentage of their sale to a charity of their choice at checkout, on any given day. Through its six issued patents, Sparo aims to become a company of global consequences by monetizing the intersection of e-commerce and philanthropy, games and donations, sweepstakes and charities, and AI and giving. Sparo operates globally and is a member of Holland based WorldStartups.To learn more about Sparo’s offerings, visit

About AllPeople Marketplace

AllPeople Marketplace is bringing communities of like-minded people, brands and nonprofits together to address global consumer needs. AllPeople achieves its mission through partnerships with top-tier nonprofit organizations and access to the highest quality natural, organic, and sustainable products.

* “Purchase with a Purpose” poll, visit Sparo’s blog at Helping Ukraine is Good Business




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