Recreation impacts the economy – and wellbeing

Editor’s Note: Randy Vaughn and Faye Gooding, with Recreation Now and Hampton County Citizens for Active Restoration, contributed to this report.

Recreation impacts not just the local and state economy, but also the health and wellbeing of our citizens. It is also a current, hot-button political issue in Hampton County, but for now, it is a dream deferred.

One of the major issues in the recent Hampton County Democratic Primary, and the upcoming General Election, is recreation – or rather the lack of it – in Hampton County, said Randy Vaughn, a founding member of concerned citizens groups Recreation Now and Hampton County Citizens for Active Restoration (HCCAR).

“I believe the voters want the recreation complex they have already paid for and approved [in a 2012 Capital Projects Sales Tax (CPST) referendum],” said Vaughn. “Perhaps the SouthernCarolina Alliance might consider the economic impact that a voter-approved recreation complex would have on Hampton County. I personally would love to dialog with the Alliance if they are interested in promoting recreation.”

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