How to create an affordable charcuterie board with wine in this economy

Two years ago, I went into Krieger’s Market armed with a calculator and a $30 budget. My mission was to create an affordable charcuterie board that included a bottle of wine for under $30. We all know that the same budget won’t go as far in this economy.

But I’m not going to curl up under my front porch and wait until things get better. I want to have a good time, and I want to see how far that same $30 will get me in 2022. I also wanted to do this in one stop so I wasn’t driving all over Summit County looking to save a few pennies.

I went to Cornerstone Market in Munroe Falls, and as soon as I walked in, I saw my friend Charlie Chambless, who runs the newly expanded wine department. He helped me pick out a sparkling wine and explained to shoppers and staff that I was a friendly nut job walking around the store with a notepad and a calculator.

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