Calico Marketing Expert Says Modern Commercial Real Estate Lead Generation Tools Will Boost Bottom Lines

Owner of Calico Marketing, Brandy Quick

Lead Generation DIY Package Materials

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Marketing pro points to a new type of strategy that takes the guesswork out of converting leads to sales.

…commercial real estate professionals need to modernize their marketing approach and utilize tools that speak directly to potential clients.”

— Brandy Quick

MESA, ARIZONA, USA, July 6, 2022 / — In an age where information and professional image are everything, potential clients look for a commercial real estate professional’s ability to communicate online. They want modern looking commercial real estate brokerages that look like they belong in the 21st century. This is never more obvious than in commercial real estate (CRE) marketing. So says Brandy Quick. She is the owner of Calico Marketing, a company focused on what CRE professionals never knew they needed to convert leads to sales. Taking the bull by the horns in the commercial real estate arena, Quick says it all begins with a streamlined, modern website design that supports lead generation tools. It’s about automation that works while commercial real estate agents sleep.

“Let’s face it. We all need to be impressed before we feel confident enough to sign a big contract. With that in mind, commercial real estate professionals need to modernize their marketing approach and utilize tools that speak directly to potential clients. The commercial real estate industry is changing. Now, everyone can keep up,” Quick adds.

With a degree in marketing, Quick uses sharp evaluation skills to identify the most vital points of her client’s business. She then translates that information into a website design, incorporating numerous calls-to-action. Just one of the ways she does this is via eBooks, informational PDFs about property valuation, strategies, points of interest, etc., that both gather leads and educate. CRE website design also showcases listings with or without Internet Data Exchange (IDX), offers team logins, Google Analytics, custom design, and one specially branded eBook, and much more.

Quick also suggests a modern strategy for lead generation. Her Lead Generation DIY Package teaches everything one needs to know about building agency-style lead generation systems, giving all the content and templates needed for success, and providing users with step-by-step tutorials to make the journey easy.

The following is a full list of what the all-inclusive commercial real estate DIY Lead Generation Package includes:

Access to all on-demand video courses
Step-by-step automation tutorials
Sales message prep-sheet
Competitive analysis workbook
4 Pre-written eBooks
4 Listing brochure templates
4 OM (Offering Memorandum) templates
Website content
Website building tutorial
6 Investor rep – welcome e-mails
6 Landlord rep – welcome e-mails
6 Tenant rep – welcome e-mails
3 Leave-behind flyers
5 Investor rep – cold e-mails
5 Landlord rep – cold e-mails
5 Tenant rep – cold e-mails
Follow-up systems
5 Investor rep – cold call scripts
5 Landlord rep – cold call scripts
5 Tenant rep – cold call scripts

The package also includes step-by-step implementation strategies, worksheets, workbooks, and assessments.

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Calico Marketing offers modern marketing tools for commercial real estate agents and brokerages. The company specializes in website design, listing brochure templates, and offers a DIY Lead Gen package.

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