The Bristol Press – Propaganda Ink LLC tattoo parlor in Southington donating proceeds to pro-choice organizations

SOUTHINGTON – Propaganda Ink LLC is donating its proceeds to pro-choice organizations, Rachel Molnar said, co-owner of the tattoo shop.

After the overturning of Roe v. Wade, I felt overwhelmingly compelled to do something,” Molnar said. “We had done charity work with veterans and a local animal rescue before, so I figured there’s got to be a way I can make this happen for pro-choice organizations as well.”

Molnar said she doesn’t want her children to “grow up in a world where they can’t make decisions about their own bodies.”

“As a mother, as a woman, it’s a scary and disappointing decision from the Supreme Court,” she said. “This is our small way of trying to make a difference.”

According to Molar, the tattoo shop hasn’t received backlash for supporting pro-choice operations.

Molar said most business owners stay in the “middle of the road with controversial, political or religious opinions.” She said it is not acceptable to remain quiet about this new decision.

“This is about fundamental human rights, rights to our own bodies,” she said. “When I do post things promoting what we’re doing, at the very end, I include, if you have a varying opinion, I respect that, so please respect ours and just scroll past. I would not dare stop you from making that choice because it’s your right… and we know what it feels like to be stripped of our rights.”

The tattoo shop offers a warm and friendly environment that’s open to everyone, Molnar said. She said the tattoo artists concentrate on various mediums.

“My husband specializes in black and gray realism and portrait work, and I love color and specialize in watercolor,” Molnar said. “Our apprentice, Amber Raboin, is learning the best of everything, and she’s picking up very quickly.”

According to Molnar, the tattoo shop provides fine line, cover-ups, traditional and other services.

Molnar said Propaganda Ink LLC is different from other tattoo shops because it is a family-friendly environment.

“When you walk in our front room, you’ll most likely be greeted by our daughter, Fynne, trying to run your toes over in her walker,” she said.

The workers enjoy receiving unique tattoo requests, she said.

“The ideas keep getting more and more creative, which we love,” Molnar said. “The more creative we can get, the better.”

Propaganda Ink LLC has been open in Southington since 2012. She said her husband and co-owner had just started the business when they met.

According to Molnar, the Southington community has supported and embraced her tattoo shop.

“The community is just freaking awesome,” she said. “We were just voted best tattoo parlor in Southington in the 2022 Best of Awards, and that’s all because of them. I could literally talk for hours about how amazing the Southington community has been to us.”

Molnar said the workers give “time and attention to each client.”

“It doesn’t take long before they become friends and family,” she said.

Propaganda Ink LLC is located at 550 N Main Street, Southington.

Posted in The Bristol Press, Southington Herald on Tuesday, 5 July 2022 14:13. Updated: Tuesday, 5 July 2022 14:15.


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