Google advertising 15 jobs in South Africa — including one for YouTube Music

Google is advertising 15 jobs based in Johannesburg, South Africa, including cloud computing, legal, recruiting, and marketing positions.

The company has more than 155,000 employees worldwideand the following declined hiring activity in 2020, Google appears to have increased recruiting in South Africa.

The tech giant is advertising 50% more jobs in the country today than in March 2022.

Two of the advertised positions are related to Google’s Cloud operations in South Africa, for which it recently chose Africa Data Centers as its first location for Google Cloud Interconnect in the country.

This follows other international cloud providers, like Amazon, launching their regional cloud operations.

Google set up a South African base in Bryanston, Johannesburg, in 2007, and it was managed by Stafford Masie — the company’s first South African country manager.

Luke McKend served as Google country director for South Africa from October 2010 to October 2018. McKend left Google to join Microsoft’s LinkedIn.

Having initially only supported a small team in shared office space, Google’s South African offices expanded in 2015 to a new location, also in Bryanston.

The move provided more space for a larger team and included new perks for employees, including a canteen, games room, and chill zone.

It also meant that the South African team now had its own dedicated office space.

Google appointed Alistair Mokoena as its new South African country manager in January 2020.

The local positions Google is advertising includes a business development manager for Android platform partnerships, a customer engineer for Google Cloud, a Product Marketing Manager for consumer applications, and an artist relationship manager for YouTube Music.

The jobs available at Google’s offices in Johannesburg, and links to their descriptions, are listed in the table below.

Google jobs in South Africa
Jobs Application link
Customer Engineer, Infrastructure Modernization, Google Cloud Click here for details
Partner Manager, Partnership Solutions Click here for details
Data Analytics Sales Specialist Click here for details
Product Marketing Manager, Platform and Ecosystem Click here for details
Executive Recruiting Research and Talent Programs Lead Click here for details
Recruiter, Cloud Sales Click here for details
Technical Recruiter, Consumer and Compute Click here for details
Business Development Manager, Android Platform Partnerships Click here for details
Associate Product Marketing Manager Click here for details
Director, EMEA Emerging Markets, Security and Resilience Operations Click here for details
Director, International Litigation, Legal Click here for details
Strategic Negotiator, Peering Click here for details
Strategic Negotiator, Global Network Acquisition Click here for details
Partner Sales Engineer Click here for details
Artist Relations Manager, YouTube Music Click here for details

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