Newly Published Patent Hints at Nike-Branded Video Game NFTs

It looks like Nike is the latest company wanting to enter the NFT and video game markets with a new patent filing that could include in-game apparel.

It’s looking like Nike might be the next company that is not only getting into NFTs but is also getting into video game NFTs. While there has been some real pushback against video game NFTs, it looks like the athletic apparel company thinks there’s a future for branded NFTs inside the industry. It should be noted that NFT sales have reportedly plummeted, but many are still apparently interested in the future.

Earlier this week, the world’s “first NFT console” was announced with a planned release date of 2024. Nike doesn’t appear to be planning something quite as grand as yet another new console, but it seems it’s looking to get its name attached to NFTs and the video game world.


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A new patent filing from the athletic apparel company demonstrates that Nike might be moving in a new direction for the firm, but it will still stay near its comfort zone. That filing talks about a new kind of system for integrating NFTs into video games, and it would seem like Nike would do this by incorporating some of its branded shoes into the games. This whole plan hints at the ability of players who are so inclined to purchase specially branded NFTs in the form of Nike shoes for their videogame characters.

While it’s still early phases and this patent was just recently filed, it’s hard to know exactly how this would work. It’s also not clear whether Nike has a plan or a deal with one of the big companies to use these NFTs. However, considering the reach of Nike, it isn’t hard to imagine that it wouldn’t take long to get those kinds of deals in place.

Right off the top of the head, it would appear that these shoe NFTs in games like the FIFA and Madden franchises would almost certainly be a lock. NBA 2K would also be a prominent landing spot for these products. The question is whether these would be anything more than collectibles or be tied to amping up the abilities of the players who buy them and use them in-game.

The timing of this patent filing is also somewhat interesting, considering that recent studies show that NFT sales have plummeted. Despite those studies, it appears that, for now, Nike is undeterred and thinks there’s a market for their brand of offering.

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