Are Empty Liquor Bottles the New Piggy Banks?

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Could hoarding your cash in a liquor bottle help you save?

Key points

  • TikTok user Bianca Johnson hoarded money in an empty Hennessy cognac bottle.
  • She broke the bottle and had $542 saved.
  • This is one of many creative ways you can put aside more money.

Saving money is often challenging because sacrificing to invest for later rarely seems fun when you have things you want to spend on now. But some TikTokers are shaking things up by showcasing creative ways to hoard cash.

Recently, one user, Bianca Johnson, made a great video showing how she managed to amass a good amount of money in an empty liquor bottle.

Her video, the Hennessy Money Challenge Bottle Bust, was shared with more than a million of her followers and was a fantastic example of how the #moneychallenge hashtag on TikTok can encourage people to find creative ways to change their financial habits.

Could saving in an empty liquor bottle inspire you to save more?

The #moneychallenge hashtag on TikTok is dedicated to showing off financial accomplishments, and Johnson’s video was a classic example of the entertaining and inspiring videos that can be found under it.

Johnson’s video showed her smashing the Hennesy bottle full of money that she had saved over time and sorting it into piles before counting it. She ended up with $542 total after all was said and done. And, as she said in the video, “It was $542 I would have spent on random things.”

While a liquor bottle may be nothing more than a piggy bank in a different form, it’s become a popular way for TikTokers to make saving more entertaining. In fact, another user, @_rae.rae, also made an engaging video showing off how she saved money in empty liquor bottles. In this video, @_rae.rae explained she had committed to putting spare money and quarters into two empty liquor bottles until they were completely full before breaking them open.

In her video, @_rae.rae indicated that she had become a game for her, and she actually made more room in her bottles at one point by using a vape pen. When she finally cracked them open, she had close to the same amount of money that Johnson did, ending up with $550.34.

Using liquor bottles as a method of saving isn’t just fun because you can smash them at the end. It can be a really effective way to inspire you to invest for the future, because it provides a way to visualize your progress and creates a clear objective: fill the bottle with cash. This can be much more inspiring than just transferring money into a savings account online where you never physically see the fruits of your labor.

Saving in a liquor bottle is just one of the many ways to make financial goals more fun

While saving in a liquor bottle that you improve smash can make for great content on TikTok, it’s just one of the many ways you can your financial habits.

Other options could include making a paper chain or a Lego tower representing your savings efforts — for example, adding a new Lego brick onto your tower each time you put another $10 or $50 or $100 into a savings account or ripping off a new link on a paper chain each time you pay off another $100 of debt.

What all of these different approaches have in common is that they can take the drudgery out of making smart financial choices and give you a tangible way to see that your efforts are paying off. If saving in a liquor bottle doesn’t sound fun to you, consider finding a similar approach that works for you.

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