First Club Marketing LLC wins lawsuit against The Kansas City Barbeque Society

After delays from Covid, First Club Marketing LLC wins lawsuit in Summary Judgment phase

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2022 / — First Club Marketing LLC (FCM) awarded is victory over The Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) for the blatant breach of legally binding contract. FCM was contracted by KCBS in January of 2019 to serve as their marketing agency. This three-year agreement was breeched by KCBS when the y illegally terminated the agreement in November of that year.

FCM is owned in part by Mr. Randall Bowman, whom had been a faithful, member and supporter of the organization for over 15 years. He stated, “we had volunteered for many years to KCBS to help with many facets of their operation. Marketing was a huge problem for such a small organization that relied so heavily on brand partnership revenues. We reluctantly agreed to offer a contract after many Board members asked us to help.”

According to court documents, Mr. Bowman attempted to help KCBS split from the agreement at little or no cost to the organization, but he was met with almost complete silence and no cooperation.

FCM filed a civil suit in Jackson County, MO in December of 2019 and after delays of court operations with covid, was finally able to be in front of a judge and jury in October of 2021. FCM was awarded a complete victory in their breach of contract lawsuit against KCBS just prior to the trial.

Mr. Bowman went on to say, “This is just all a real shame, the Board changes yearly at KCBS and this year some folks had deep personal agendas and came in a turned the organization upside down. They have gone from Marketing agencies bringing them millions and millions of dollars in sponsorships, to handling that in house and bringing in pennies in comparison. I fear for the organization’s future with the loss of that income, membership down in great numbers, cost of everything going up, events they used to be part of leaving or canceling in droves. I hope they survive.”

FCM did file for prevailing party status after the judgment in hopes to cover the massive legal bills and that request was denied by the courts. One must assume that if in fact KCBS is in financial straits that a few years of hefty legal fees surely did not help them at all. I guess parting ways with little or no cost would have made more sense to them if they look back on it now.

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