Sharpe Management Consulting LLC CEO discusses bringing an Industry Agnostic approach to Management Consulting

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Alex Sharpe, CEO, Sharpe Management Consulting LLC

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CEO Alex Sharpe on Sharpe Management Consulting LLC’s Value Creation While Mitigating Cyber ​​Risk

You can say our business is “Value Creation while Managing Cyber ​​Risk.”

— Alex Sharpe

CLINTON, NEW JERSEY, US, June 29, 2022 / — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business and investor publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced an interview with Alex Sharpe, CEO of Sharpe Management Consulting LLC, a Clinton, NJ-based management consulting and systems integration firm.

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“The essential role of a consultant or an outside advisor, whether you are on a board of directors or just being brought in as a trusted advisor, is about helping the decision-makers and the rest of the players see things differently. Much of that is fueled by sharing what other organizations have done, folding in some street knowledge, and helping them see things differently.” said Mr. Sharpe during the interview with CEOCFO’s Senior Editor Lynn Fosse. Explaining how they help a company articulate or even recognize what they are looking to do, Mr. Sharpe said, “There is a lot of reluctance to change. It is human nature. I have seen several studies that say roughly one out of twenty people embraces change, about 5% of the population. The rest resist it. For the resisters, the essential piece is to help them imagine where they fit into the vision.”

Being industry agnostic, when asked what they might need to know about a specific industry, Mr. Sharpe shared, “That is an excellent question. The number-one thing to understand for any industry, any organization actually, is the business model. Right on the heels of that is understanding innovation comes from leveraging ideas and best practices from other industries. Since my career has been focused on helping organizations thrive and to manage their risk, the more we experience, the better we become. Mr. Sharpe continued, “Most of what you deal with day-to-day is basic blocking and tackling; understanding the balance sheet, how the income statement works, organizational structure, corporate culture, reliance on technology, strategic advantages, sensitivities, etc. However, you have to ask, what makes this organization different than the others? What is their secret sauce? Fortunately, there is a lot of information out there that will help you understand what is different about a particular industry or a particular business. Frankly, the client is the best source. Industry analysts will often tell you otherwise. Do not get me wrong; analysts are a great source of information for consultants like me. Still, I find the business on any given day understands the status of their business better than anybody else.”

Explaining what they might look at that less knowledgeable people do not realize is important, Mr. Sharpe told Lynn, “My firm has two core competencies at the end of the day. Although we have more skills than that, most benefits come from two places. The first is digital strategy – what we now call digital transformation. The other is cybersecurity, or what some call cyber risk-management or cyber governance. You can say our business is “Value Creation while Managing Cyber ​​Risk.”

Giving an example of how they put order into chaos, Mr. Sharpe said, “A publicly-traded company failed an internal audit. The board of directors (BOD) engaged an internal team to remediate. After four to six months without progress, some of the folks I had previously dealt with asked if I could take a look. The issue was that the folks they asked to remediate were not business-minded. They focused on getting all the I’s dotted, and T’s crossed in their disciplines, but they missed the business objectives.” He continues, “I could look at the situation knowing what is important to auditors, what regulators want to see, and what boards care about. Having that, I could work backward, effectively performing a GAP Analysis. I was able to get them back on track in eight weeks. Getting a permanent solution with all the controls, processes, and procedures took a few more months.”

As for advantages Sharpe Management Consulting has over larger organizations, Mr. Sharpe told CEOCFO, “One of the beauties of having your own firm, independent or your own company, is the latitude to do these things, and there is instant feedback that you do not always get in a larger organization. can be more agile for your clients, so when your client comes to you with a need, you do not look and see who is on the bench to throw them at the client. You cannot just do bench-clearing. A consultant can never forget, it is the client who is the hero of the story, not us. We are the Yoda to their Luke Skywalker.”

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