Rachel Sotak, Illustrator, Now Booking National Mural Projects


Illustrator Rachel Sotak is now booking mural projects for business clients across the United States. Murals are planned and installed to add vibrancy, boost workplace satisfaction and build brand engagement. As more employers ask staff to return full-time to shared spaces, a mural can tell a shared story.

A 2022 Muros survey on marketing trends found that 67% of respondents are more likely to take notice of a brand that uses murals as a part of its marketing campaign, and 32% of respondents said that after seeing a mural, they researched the company to learn the associated brand’s values, mission or stance on a political issue.

A brand designer and illustrator based in New England, Rachel has focused her attention on large-scale murals, specifically corporate offices and restaurants that were left vacant when the pandemic hit. Known for bright, vibrant colors, and bold use of typeface in her branding work, the request for murals has increased. “Large scale murals have a way of capturing the imagination. Hand-painted murals draw people in, piquing curiosity and cultivating community. Because of their scale and artistic quality, they land differently for viewers, often more approachable and relatable than other marketing methods – that’s why I enjoy installing them for companies.. ” says Rachel Sotak.

A 10′ x 16′ duo-toned mural completed for Teatotaler, was her second of the 2022 season, and helped kick off the opening of the business’s second location on May 31st. While working with brands such as Teatotaller that already have an existing fan base and brand recognition, Rachel makes sure to honor the existing brand guidelines and values, while also bringing in her own creative style and recommendation when appropriate.

She works with her clients to establish a direction and style, as well as discussing strategy – such as what the room/space is used for, as well as placement, scale, etc. In addition, all of Rachel’s murals are digitally designed, and include a rough mockup so her clients can confidently know what the final product will look like. She says “a mural is an extension of your brand, but it’s also a chance to be expressive, so it’s my job to help guide my clients to that sweet spot.” To start a conversation about a mural design and installation project, email [email protected].


As the owner of a RS Creative, a creative studio based in New Hampshire’s capital region, Rachel Sotak is a self taught brand identity designer, illustrator and muralist who works from her studio in Concord, New Hampshire. With a knack for finding the powerful intersection between brand identity and storytelling, Rachel enjoys working with companies looking to create a robust creative identity suite that is both adventurous and intentional. Rachel is happiest when she’s designing illustrated maps, sprucing up a space with a mural, and collaborating with community-minded businesses who put the planet first.

You can follow all of her creative work on Instagram at @rachelsotak_.

Known regionally as a ‘queer, hipster oasis’, Teatotaler has had 10+ Instagram story tags daily, from patrons snapping photos in front of their new branded mural (above), designed and painted by Rachel herself. Photo and artwork by Rachel Sotak

This abstract and freeform mural is inspired by the cake artist and bakery it was designed for – with hints of sprinkles and a whisk, Rachel designed it to feel like the inside of a baker’s creative space. Photo and artwork by Rachel Sotak

As restaurants reemerge after COVID, Rachel believes murals and window art are great ways to showcase new offerings and reengage with both new and returning customers. Photo and artwork by Rachel Sotak.

Rachel is looking forward to also using murals as a way to help communities and city chamber of commerce as they turn murals as a way to increase local tourism and interest in spaces that need revitalization. Mural design by Rachel Sotak.

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