Todd & Julie Chrisley’s Marketing Firm Will Continue To Support Them

Todd and Julie Chrisley’s marketing firm will continue to show the family support because the Chrisley Knows Best stars have “good values.”

The marketing firm of Todd and Julie Chrisley, the famous couple from Chrisley Knows Best, said that they will continue to show support to the family, despite their legal troubles. Earlier in 2022, the couple and one of their former accountants, Peter Tarrantino, were taken to trial after being charged with several counts of tax evasion, bank fraud and wire fraud in 2019. The Chrisleys were adamant they were innocent, but the jury decided differently. Each of them was found guilty of all counts of fraud, and they are waiting to be charged in October.

The verdict of the trial came as a surprise to the couple, and they have been working on filing an appeal and have added new council members to their legal team to assist them with this. The Chrisleys have expressed that they are deeply disappointed with the jury’s decision and are welcoming support and prayers from their friends and family. Thus far, some of the couple’s children, including Lindsie Chrisley, have voiced public support for Todd and Julie. Lindsie has also taken a break from her podcast to show support for her family.


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The CEO of the management firm that works directly with the Chrisleys spoke to Us Weekly and said that the support from his end will not falter because he knows the type of family the Chrisleys truly are. David, the firm’s CEO, said, “I will continue to support them because they are a good family, [have] good values“He went on to say that he believes people only know the Chrisleys based on what they see on television, but he knows who their genuine selves are. He further explained that he wishes people would view the family for who they are.”I just feel bad that they’re getting all this negative publicity. I support them because I’ve seen a better side of the familysaid David.

The Superior Marketing CEO explained that the legal troubles have put the family in a difficult place, and they are hoping for lots of privacy that will be respected by the public. David is uncertain about what the future will hold for Todd and Julie and his marketing firm once they receive their sentence, but he hopes that he can continue to work with the Chrisleys. He continued by saying, “I really can’t answer what the future will hold. I hope that is the case that they can work together.“David went on to say,”Sentencing isn’t until October, so I really don’t know what is going to happen or what is not going to happen. I hope I will continue on [with them].

In addition to the marketing firm, the couple from Chrisley Knows Best has also received some support from the USA network, who will continue to air their reality show, even though the couple has received a guilty verdict. Earlier in 2022, it was announced that Todd was set to host a new dating show called Love Limo, and there has not been any announcement about this show being canceled yet. Many have speculated that the couple will face up to 30 years in prison, but a legal expert revealed that the couple may face up to 15 years. According to the legal expert, Todd and Julie may also lose custody of their child and grandchild, Grayson and Chloe Chrisley.

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Source: Us Weekly

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