InD Theater Presents Noël Coward’s HAY FEVER

inD Theater presents HAY FEVER, Noël Coward’s classic tale of the “divinely mad” Bliss family who are everything a respectable family ought not to be; unconventional, uncensored, and unapologetic.

Life for this bohemian family of four is filled with theatrics where reality can quickly turn into fiction, and their houseguests must decide whether to bask in the exhilarating vitality of their hosts or escape the madness. Told through quick-witted banter and animated physicality, HAY FEVER proves that Coward’s comedic stylings are timeless.

Directed by Ken Michels, HAY FEVER features Sadie Grace Gingold, Seamus C. Smith, Molly Hall, Jason Gingold, Christopher Clark, Colleen Gillon, Christopher Puckett, Karin Terry, and Cindy Giese French. Set design is by Ken Michels, lighting design is by Erik Lawrence, and costume design is by Dawn Janow.


runs July 15-31, 2022 | 7pm Thu.-Sat., 3pm Sun

Hosted by WEAVE Presents at Rolling Bay Hall, 10598 NE Valley Rd, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

General Seating and Gallery access are available free of charge for HAY FEVER. Suggested donation levels are also offered. If desired, guests may donate either (a) online when reserving seats or (b) in person at the performance. All donations are tax deductible.

Advance reservations are recommended and may be made online at

In keeping with inD Theater’s Covid-19 Guidelines, all audience members must show proof of Covid-19 vaccination valid from no less than two weeks prior to their reservation date. Audience members must also remain masked at all times while indoors at the venue.

Written in 1924 in just three days, Hay Fever was the legendary Coward’s first big hit, making him the toast of London at age 24. Private Lives (1930), Present Laughter (1939) and Blithe Spirit (1941) are also listed among his most popular comedies.

Born in 1899 outside of London, Noël Coward possessed a natural intelligence; he was an avid reader and instinctive performer with an insatiable ambition to learn and succeed.

Encouraged by his mother to attend a dance academy in London, Coward entered the professional world of theater at the age of 12. From that point on, his writing and career swiftly flourished acting and he gradually became acquainted with a different class of people. Coward’s presence in the public eye turned him into a celebrity in his own right across both the UK and USA. The media avidly followed and reported on Coward’s plays and public appearances, elevating his celebrity status significantly as his career continued to develop. Coward was fundamentally a man who loved all artistic forms and consequently, he was hugely prolific and became known as ‘The Master’ by many of his contemporaries and fans. A quote from Lord Louis Mountbatten on Coward’s 70th birthday perhaps best sums this up: “There are probably greater painters than Noël, greaterists than Noël, greater novel librettists, greater composers of music, greater singers, greater dancers, greater comedians, greater tragedians, Greater stage producers, greater film directors, greater cabaret stars, greater TV stars. If there are, they are 14 different people. Only one man combined all 14 labels – The Master.”

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