How to Win the Midterms with Ads on Streaming Media

As consumers continue to spend more time watching streaming TV (opens in new tab) and listening to online audiopolitical advertisers are investing billions in streaming media channels to reach and engage target voters.

During the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, political advertising spend on connected TV was estimated to be upwards of $750 million, exceeding even optimism projections. As the coronavirus ebbs and TV viewing time returns to prepandemic levels, 2022 political CTV ad-spend projections are now estimated at a boggling $1.48 billion. Even looking at these forecasts conservatively, they suggest despite 2022 being a midterm election, political CTV ad spend is on course to nearly double what it was in 2020.

David Wiesenfeld (Image credit: TransUnion)

The astounding growth rate of CTV political advertising spend is driven in large part by the fact streaming media is purpose-built for political campaign advertisings. Campaigns and causes that effectively tap into connected media advertising’s scale, flexibility and advanced targeting capabilities stand to gain.

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