Here’s How to Score Gas for Under $4 a Gallon Through July 4

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There’s savings to be had, but only for a limited time.

Key points

  • Drivers have been feeling the pain at the pump for months.
  • One chain is offering a reduced price on gas, but you’ll need to act quickly to take advantage.

Ever since the start of the Ukraine conflict, Americans have been dealing with sky-high prices at the pump. And at a time when other living costs are also up (thanks, inflation), that’s proven to be quite a financial burden.

Thankfully, lawmakers are taking some steps to offer up relief. President Biden recently proposed a three-month gas tax holiday that should shave $0.184 per gallon off the cost of fuel. But ultimately, drivers will still be left to face soaring costs over the summer.

One major gas station chain, however, is providing substantial relief by slashing the cost of its fuel through July 4. And that could help consumers out tremendously.

How to score less expensive gas

Sheetz, a Pennsylvania-based convenience store and gas station chain, is lowering the cost of unleaded 88 octane gasoline to $3.99 per gallon through July 4th at many of its locations. The purpose is to offer up relief for consumers — and perhaps make it easier for them to travel during the holiday weekend.

Now not every Sheetz location will be offering $3.99 gas, so it’s a good idea to check the company’s website to see which locations are participating. Furthermore, it probably doesn’t pay to drive for miles just to access a participating location, because in doing so, you might spend more on gas than what you reap in savings. But if you happen to have a participating location closeby, then now’s a good time to head over and fill up your car.

What if $3.99 gas isn’t available where you are?

Some consumers may be able to snag a nice discount on gas thanks to the aforementioned Sheetz promotion. But if you live in a different part of the country, that’s clearly off the table.

Thankfully, there are other things you can do to save some money on gas. For one thing, research local gas prices before you fill up. Apps like GasBuddy make that easy.

You can also see if your local gas station offers a discount for paying for gas in cash versus swiping a credit card. Of course, in going that route, you’ll pass up the credit card rewards you’d otherwise get. But let’s say a $40 fill-up gives you $1.20 in cash back on your credit card, but paying cash makes that $40 fill-up cost $38. In that case, you’re better off paying cash — but you’ll ultimately need to run the numbers to see which payment method makes the most sense.

Finally, look at carpooling so you can reduce the number of miles you’re driving. That could mean finding people to drive to work with, or banding together with local parents to shuttle your kids back and forth to their summer camp programs.

Some people may be toying with the idea of ​​canceling their holiday weekend plans due to soaring gas prices. But those who are able to score $3.99 gas may not have to go that route. And that’s definitely something to celebrate.

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