The ISH™ Food Company Achieves B Corporation Certification, Furthering its Commitment to a Regenerative, Nutritious Food System

“We have a big mission, and we can’t do it alone,” said David, “which makes our confirmation as a certified B Corporation even more important. We all need to work together to help transform food and agriculture into a regenerative, nutritious, and healthy system – it is foundational to our journey – and critical to feed 10 billion people on planet earth by 2050.”

B Corp certification is for businesses that demonstrate efforts to create an inclusive, sustainable economy. The intense certification process looks at multiple factors, including supply chain practices, ingredients, employee benefits, and charitable giving. To obtain certification, companies must achieve high grades on performance, accountability, and transparency for these factors.

Consumer demand for healthy, nutritious, and sustainable food is accelerating individuals as make the connection between the food they eat and a rapidly changing climate. More than half of consumers are open to eating more plant-based foods1and predictions state the plant-based foods market could grow by more than 1,000% over the next 10 years, reaching $140 billion.2

Plant-based seafood at ISH is crafted with environmental impact top of mind, while delivering on taste and nutrition. The company’s goal is to offer flexitarians and mainstream consumers plant-based seafood alternatives that taste, look, and cook just like food from the sea.

The ISH Food Company proudly launched its flagship product Shrimpish®, a plant-based shrimp, in early 2022. ISH has a robust product portfolio in development including SalmonishTMCodishTMCrabishTMand LobsterishTM. ISH has also identified over 20 different seafood textures for future commercial development.

The ISHTM Food Company
The ISH Food Company is a certified B-Corp, plant-based food company founded in 2020. The Company’s mission is to deliver Innovative, Sustainable, HHealthy, deliciously disruptive plant-based foods to every plate worldwide. Shrimpish®, the first product, launched in 2022, and has the taste, the look, and cooks just like the seafood alternative. The company is building a robust pipeline including SalmonishTMCodishTMCrabishTMLobsterishTM, and other portfolio complements. Currently available for sale in the United States, ISH starts from a simple place: make good, eat good, do good for our bodies and the world we live in. Visit us at

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1Leiserowitz, A., Ballew, M., Rosenthal S., & Semaan, J. (2020). Climate change and the American diet. Yale University and Earth Day Network. New Haven, CT: Yale Program on Climate Change Communication
2Frank, Thomas. “Alternative meat to become $140 billion industry in a decade, Barclays predicts.” CNBC

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