Hella Mega Tour in Huddersfield branded ‘worst experience’ after safety concerns among crowds

Rock fans have dubbed the Hella Mega Tour in Huddersfield as the “worst experience” after feeling unsafe in crowds with children and disabled people.

People from across the region took to the John Smith’s Stadium where Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Weezers and Amyl and The Sniffers were set to perform. Some 32,000 people were expected to attend the show which started welcoming people in at 4pm on Saturday.

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A number of people voiced their concerns about their safety at the stadium with some people suffering panic attacks and they also shared pictures of the huge queues into the venue.

Crowds at the Hella Mega Tour in Huddersfield

People have slammed the security and say if crowd wasn’t well behaved, “it could be fatal.”

Richard told Yorkshire Live : “It felt so unsafe. Every single standing ticket was filtered through one gate. Never felt so unsafe. I was scared to go to toilet with the staff not letting us through one of the 2 exits creating an overcrowded one way.

“It was really unfair on people. There are children and disabled people in the crowd too. Crowd was well behaved or else this could have been fatal.”

Sharing their experience @_satans_baby_ said: “worst concert experience I’ve had. P*** poor management. Queuing over an hour for a drink/loos. F***** downright dangerous funneling of crowds with security who have 0 idea what’s happening. CLEARLY overbooked. Disappointed doesn’t begin to describe. @JS_Stadium #hellamegatour”

@andyhusky added: “Absolute farce @htafc #hellamegatour.” And Matt said: “Well that was the worst organised gig I’ve ever been to. Thankfully Green Day were absolutely sensational.”

Thousands of people are crammed in the stadium
Thousands of people are crammed in the stadium

Felyx Lawson said: “So the #hellamegatour was awesome but I hope they don’t have any more gigs at John Smith’s Stadium. The organization was horrible to point people got stuck in a dead-end blocked off without anyone telling people. It took 45 mins to get in despite queuing 15 mins after doors opened.”

But some fans were much more positive with one woman, Naomi, saying: “Nothing beats being part of the singing, bouncing crowd at one of the best gigs we’ve ever been to. #hellamegatour Phenomenal #greenday! Fantastic #falloutboy! Wonderful #weezer! It was worth the wait…in the end we had a blast…”

And KDB added: “Firstly #hellamegatour in Huddersfield last night was immense. Green Day are simply the best! Yes it was badly organized but so many complaints about jumping around at the front…….to Green Day! It’s rock and roll kids. Go large or go home!!! It was f…ing awesome.”

Bex Cowling added: “What a gig. Absolutely worth the three-year wait. Can we do it again next week please? #hellamegatour

YorkshireLive has approached the concert organisers and the venue for comment.

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