Here’s How to Get $110 Off of Blue Apron

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Talk about a nice discount.

Key points

  • Meal kit services make food prep easier.
  • Although they’re commonly more expensive than buying groceries, right now, you can reap some savings.

Whether you’re cooking for yourself and a partner or for a family of picky eaters, let’s be real — the act of hitting the supermarket and figuring out which recipes to try can be extremely time-consuming. And if you don’t love cooking, you may get frustrated in the course of feeding your household.

If you feel this way, you’re not alone. In fact, the whole reason meal kit services have gained popularity is that these days, many of us are just too darn busy to grocery shop and cook.

At the same time, though, we all know that ordering takeout multiple times a week can get expensive. And let’s face — takeout isn’t always the healthiest choice. So meal kits serve as a nice happy medium.

When you sign up for a meal kit service, you’re generally getting healthier food than what you’ll find at a restaurant, and you’ll usually spend less than ordering in. And if you’ve been on the fence about trying out a meal kit service, now may be a good time to sign up for Blue Apron. Thanks to a limited-time offer for the month of June, you can enjoy savings of $110 if you act quickly.

Like many meal kit services, Blue Apron lets you customize your plan to meet your needs. You can choose the number of recipes you want each week and the type of diet you want to follow (if you’re vegetarian, for example, Blue Apron can accommodate).

The cost per meal under Blue Apron hinges on the number of servings you order at a time. If you’re not ordering many meals, you’ll spend $9.99 per serving, which you’ll probably agree is cheaper than most takeout options but more expensive than buying groceries. But the more meals you order, the less each one costs.

Plus, right now, Blue Apron is offering $22 off of your first five orders for a total savings of $110. And while you’ll need to stick with the service for a number of weeks to enjoy that full $110 discount, it’s a good way to do a trial run to see if the service is right for you.

Should you give Blue Apron a try?

Using Blue Apron won’t shrink your grocery spending, so if your goal is to wind up with a lower credit card tab, this isn’t necessarily a good path — even with the aforementioned discount. That said, if you’re running yourself ragged to grocery shop for your family, or you’re trying currently growing frustrated at the idea come up with new ideas, then Blue Apron may be worth a try for the sake of your sanity.

Remember, with Blue Apron, you’re not signing a contract, so if you don’t enjoy your first set of meals, you can simply cancel. But if you’ve been thinking of trying the service out, you might as well do so at a time when you won’t have to spend as much initially.

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