Burberry’s NFT Character Minny B Intends to Build a Branded Virtual World

Burberry has recently announced that for the second consecutive year it’s partnering with Mythical Games to launch a new NFT collection in its flagship title, Blankos Block Party. This brings in a new NFT character, Minny B.

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Branding for a fashion retailer Burberry is pictured outside a store in west London on May 15, 2022.

Minny B is a playable unicorn character inspired by the house’s Animal Kingdom code. It has a spiraled horn and wings. Its wings allow it to explore the digital world of the brand easily.

The unicorn is an extension of the brand’s collaboration with Mythical Games, which aims to bring the world of NFTs to gaming, letting players stylize their NFT characters with branded accessories and connect with other users.

Minny B will have the brand’s latest TB Summer Monogram print, a combination of orange logos, and the iconic check pattern. However, it can be customized within the metaverse with accessories, such as TB sliders, boomboxes, and lucky horseshoe necklaces.

Players can also give Minny B a seashell-inspired mobile phone, the Shellphone.

Before Minny B, the brand has Sharky Ba shark-inspired avatar that features the brand’s monogram prints.

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The Oasis

With the growing number of block party characters, Burberry has now set up The Oasis, a bespoke social space. The virtual space is inspired by their physical TB Summer Monogram events that were held in various places in the world.

Individuals who own Sharky B and Minny B NFTs can explore the space to connect with each other.

According to Rachel Waller, Burberry’s VP of Channel Innovation, “The meta verse provides limitless opportunities for us to flex our imagination and connect with our customers. Luxury is an industry built on fantasy and expression, so in many ways, gaming is a perfectly canvas suited to bring these dreams to life.”

The new NFT is set top release on June 22 at 12 pm ET. The price of Minny B is yet to be announced, but one thing’s for sure, she won’t come cheap.

The Blankos Block Party

This is a vibrant, inclusive world that is styled like a huge block party where players can compete in various fun mini-games with friends, collect and combine unique digital vinyl toys called Blankos, and earn fully ownable digital items through gameplay.

NFTs can also be purchased and sold on the Mythical Marketplace in player-to-player transactions for real money.

The Blankos Block Party is built on a private EOSIO blockchain that uses a Proof of Authority model that is more eco-friendly and sustainable. It was developed and published by Mythical Games.

This project offers a pathway to experiment with digital goods, gaming, NFTs, and Web3-style community-building while continuing traditions, like summer destination pop-ups and their limited edition B Series drops.

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