Richland County commissioners say slow economy to impact next budget

The current instability in the economy is expected to result in another tight year for the Richland County general fund budget.

County commissioners held a public hearing Thursday on a proposed mid-year planning budget for 2023 that calls for projected revenue to increase just 1.6%.

The preliminary spending plan includes a 2023 revenue estimate at just about $40 million and spending requests from county department heads and elected officials of nearly $44 million. The figures compare to mid-year spending requests in 2021 of around $41 million for 2022 and $39.3 million in appropriations at the beginning of 2022.

Chairman Tony Vero said while overall revenue is up, he does not anticipate any increase in sales tax revenue, no help from the state with local government funds and minor differences in state and federal reimbursements.

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