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If one of your goals is to become well-known so that your name automatically rises to the top when others have a need for someone who does what you do, there are a few things you need to do to make that happen. Allow me to help.

Don’t They Know What You Do?

It would be nice if your phone just rang, or you received emails, texts, or private messages every time someone needed your help.

You might think:

“Don’t they know what I do? I’ve been around for a while. Shouldn’t they know by now what I do?”

Well, that would be nice, but I think you and I need to take a little more responsibility to help this along. The good news is that it is not that difficult.

Your Choice: Blog or Video?

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How Do You Become Well-Known?

In essence, what we’re talking about, and this is an important business development discussion, is about building your brand, or personal branding.

Even though there is a more formal process you can go through to define what your personal brand is, or what you would like it to be, I want you to think about it in very simple terms.

This Is How To Start

The first thing I would like you to do is to give some thought to what it is you want to be known for.

What is the topic, or what are the very few topics that you want to be known for so that, when someone is having a discussion about that topic or your practice area, your name will come up as one of the first and one of the most knowledgeable?

Put A Stake In The Ground

That doesn’t mean you have to forgo talking about all of the other wonderful things that you do, or other services that you provide that can help your clients.

It just means that you need to put a stake in the ground and let people know, without a doubt, that this is a topic and this is a practice area that you care about and that you know about.

Here Is An Example For You

For example, I am known for effective LinkedIn training for business development purposes.

Does that mean that I don’t talk about:

  • Personal branding
  • Podcast creation and consulting
  • Zoom and virtual presentation coaching
  • Helping lawyers create their business development plans

No, it doesn’t. I pepper those things in as well. I can’t help it. That’s my background. It’s broad and it’s varied because I believe in and I teach integrated marketing, but it’s all about business development and helping you grow your practice. That is my mission.

What is important for this example is that I am known for my LinkedIn training, consulting, and coaching with a business development focus. My other consulting services grow because my clients learn about them, or because of that content I mentioned sharing now and then.

The same can happen for you.

My Recommendations For You

To begin, you need to decide:

  1. What is that one thing you want to be known for?
  2. What is it that makes you a household name among your clients, potential clients, referral sources, and other influencers?
  3. I want you to then go about creating a process that will help others understand that you are somebody who should be considered when they have a need in your practice area.

After you answer those questions, that process mentioned above means that you need to communicate that one thing on a regular basis to those you care about doing business with, or who can influence the growth of your practice.

We are living in a time that offers so many ways to communicate what you know and what you do to other people. You no longer have to wait for someone to communicate that for you.

Put Your Stake In The Ground

Put your stake in the ground. What is it that one thing you want to be known for? Let me know via comment, email, or private message.

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