Rural Community Assistance Corporation and EDF Open Applications for 2022 Water Leadership Institute in Tulare and Kern Counties

(WEST SACRAMENTO, CA – June 23, 2022) Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC) and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) have launched the 2022 Water Leadership Institute for communities in the Tule Subbasin in Tulare and Kern counties to gain skills and knowledge to make Informed, innovative, and equitable water decisions.

The Institute seeks to empower underrepresented and disadvantaged communities to participate more effectively in local groundwater management and water decision-making. Such community participation is critical as groundwater-dependent regions of California are finalizing plans to manage their groundwater supplies more sustainably to comply with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

Through a series of 10 free training sessions starting in August, the Institute will help participants build leadership skills and capacity to more effectively engage in water decision-making and develop equitable solutions. Participants will study topics such as local history and vision, water laws and water board management, leadership styles, strategic planning, and communication and storytelling.

“Water scarcity is a community problem that requires new teams of leaders and called to solve. The Leadership Institute is a great place to develop leadership skills and gain deep water knowledge to play a more active role in solving water scarcity problems and building a better future for your community,” said Joseph Gallegos, a 2021 graduate of the Water Leadership Institute and entrepreneur.

The 2022 Water Leadership Institute will run from August 6 to October 22, 2022, with eight sessions online and two in person on Saturdays. Water management or leadership experience is not a prerequisite; all that is required is a commitment to participate fully in all the sessions and a strong motivation to serve the community. Residents of the Tule River Reservation and Tule Subbasin communities are encouraged to attend, including but not limited to Angiola, Allensworth, Alpaugh, Ducor, Earlimart, East Porterville, Pixley, Poplar, Porterville, Quality, Richgrove, Rodriguez Camp, Teviston, Terra Bella , Tipton, and Woodville.

Participants will receive a stipend for meals for each session.

Residents, community leaders, water managers and other stakeholders interested in attending the Water Leadership Institute must apply by July 25, 2022, at or

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