Fans Say Kim Kardashian Credits Kanye With SKKN Branding To Shift Blame

Kim Kardashian is being accused of crediting Kanye West for the branding of her SKKN company to shift blame from The Kardashians star.

Fans think Kim Kardashian is only crediting Kanye West for the branding of her SKKN imprint to shift blame from The Kardashians star. Kim has been facing criticism around the branding of her new skincare company. Between sharing the name with two other skincare brands and charging what many say are unreasonable prices for faulty packed products, Kim hasn’t received the warmest response to her shift to the skincare industry. But the SKIMS founder recently took to Instagram to share Kanye’s influence in the creation of SKKN.

Kim has no issue praising Kanye for his unwavering support in her rise to business moguldom. The Yeezy founder has had a great influence on Kim’s inception into the business space with her former KKW Beauty brand and the launch of SKIMS. It was Kanye’s power in the fashion industry that helped open doors for Kim that had been shut prior to the pair becoming a Hollywood power couple. Even after filing for divorce from Kanye in February 2021, the rap/fashion mogul continued to support Kim through the rebranding of her beauty company and the launch of her first skincare line.


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But Kim recently took to her Instagram Story to give her ex-husband Kanye all the credit for the branding of the skincare line. While showing some of the mood board from what Kim noted as an “original brainstorming session,” the reality star gave a special shoutout to Kanye for coming up with the company’s name and image.” We came up with the new name, that was actually his idea and the packaging shapes were his and even the fonts he did just like SKIMS,” Kim said in the video captured by The Shade Room. But fans were quick to blame Kim of only crediting Kanye with the branding amid the criticism over the skincare similarities of her company’s name to two other lines. “She only giving him credit because she caught backlashone user said.Nah she’s trying to shift the blame to him now,” added someone else.

Kim’s SKKN company has been under fire for the similarities it shares to two other skincare companies owned by Black women. Last year, Kim was hit with a cease-and-desist by the owner of a skincare company that operates under the name SKKN+. Kim moved forward with the name despite it being extremely similar to Lori Harvey’s Skn by LH company the model launched last year. Kim has been under fire by many who think she might’ve drawn inspiration from the two Black-owned skincare companies and used her superstar status to trump the competition. But crediting Kanye with coming up with the company name seemingly diverts some of the blame off of her and onto her ex-husband.

Kim is no stranger to backlash over her company branding and marketing tactics. She was recently accused of fake eating a Beyond Burger for a commercial spot. Her SKIMS brand has come under fire for issues related to sizing and pricing. The Kardashians family have all received their fair share of criticism over their entrepreneurial endeavors. But it hasn’t stopped their rise to mogul status.

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Source: The Shade Room

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